Eight years ago, with the purpose of making paragliding a safer sport for present and future generations of paragliders, Angel Stamenov with an vast experience in producing skydiving and paragliding harnesses, came up with the idea of combining the two technologies and designs.

“Paragliding is a very dangerous sport and paragliders without cutaway systems, it`s money thrown in the wind!”, he sais.”There is very small chance to be safe when flying with two opened wings attached to your harness simultaneously”(A.Stamenov), therefore, having a cutaway system decreases the risk of injury and fatal accidents, because you can cutaway the malfunctioning wing,open the rescue and land safely.

Our cutaway harnesses are tested and now available on the market!You can find them in the Product section.They are the result of inovating technology and design, together with high quality fabrics and materials, that will definitely raise up to your standards.
And there`s more!Avasport in collaboration with APS, came up with a new product, the AR 220 sqft, which is a special designed rescue parachute for the cutaway paragliding harnesses.Available starting from the 15th of January 2015, is a square, steerable wing with Spectra lines, made out of a special fabric, similar with the skydiving rescues.The rescue is made and tested under TSO standards.