For us everything starts in 1993, when led by our passion for flying, Angel Stamenov and wife, Ani Stamenova- both paragliding pilots and skydivers, with vast experience in both fields, decided to start a small family business in the flying industry, which slowly worked its way towards the top, and became bigger and bigger as the years went by. That happened due to all the work, time and energy we put into building a better future for the sport we all love, paragliding.

We all had our ups and downs, it was not an easy way up for us, but thinking about the feeling that flight grantes us, we kept strong and made Ava Sport what is today : the paragliding harness company that brings best quality materials altogether  with new concept design.

Trying to provide the best for our customers, we made our factory the best it can be. The process  involves precise measurements and methodical engineering design, and a lot of imagination, from our engineers, all input in the best machines and computers you can get. Laser cutting machines and extremely accurate sewing machines are just the cherry from the top of the cake.

And because the magic of the harness making doesn`t happen by itself, we have in our factory 20 specialized taylors that put in practice all the ideas, in such way that you don`t have to care for anything but becoming the best pilot you can be.